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About Us:

is a professional grant writing firm that writes high-quality proposals for schools, community organizations, colleges and universities, and other nonprofits. Our professional grant writers locate and aggressively pursue funding based on your specific requirements. Our Mission is straightforward: to help nonprofit organizations acquire the resources to improve communities and the lives of people who live in them.

At GrantExcel, you won’t work with an invisible “grant writer.” Each project receives the personal attention of our Principal Writer and his team of professional grant writers. If you are in the Baltimore-Washington area, they will meet with you to formulate a strategy to maximize grant resources for your organization. If you are outside this area, they will meet with you by video conference or telephone, and then follow up by whatever medium is most appropriate.

Outstanding and customized service is our promise.

Although GrantExcel’s goal is to locate and acquire grant resources for you, our team is experienced and honest. If you are not well positioned to win a specific grant at this time for whatever reason, we will tell you so and help you develop a strategy for attracting grant resources in the future.  Our grant writers have no interest in taking your time or money without a legitimate chance to acquire grant resources.

If you lack the resources to maximize your organization’s initiatives, why not start changing this situation today? Let GrantExcel find grant resources for you.


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