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Global Initiatives:

If your school, nonprofit, or other organization has a global orientation or wants a greater international presence, we have substantial experience in this field. We have written grants and managed projects that support global classrooms (including curriculum development, digital storytelling across countries and cultures, global video connections, etc.), international exchanges, global youth leadership projects, international conferences, and other endeavors.

If your institution or organization needs grant money to expand globally, GrantExcel is ready to assist right now. Or, if your institution or organization has the resources but lacks the experience to connect with global partners, GrantExcel is also ready to assist you.

Students, teachers, school administrators, nonprofit leaders, churches, business people, politicians, social workers, and others can learn so much from their counterparts in other areas of the world. GrantExcel helps connect people through technology, innovative programs, and physical exchanges of people internationally.


Get global, get connected! Contact us to learn how!

Students from the USA engaging in a global video conference with students in South Africa.



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