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Whether you need one or several of our services, we give you 100% of our effort. Our services include the following:

Full Proposal Writing.
We work with clients to assess their needs, research potential grant opportunities in the public and private sectors, and write and prepare the grant proposal for submission. We are ready to pursue every available government grant at the federal, state, and local levels, as well grants offered by private foundations and corporations.

Researching Grant Opportunities.
If you are thinking about writing a grant yourself but need assistance finding the perfect opportunity, we are happy to help. We can provide a full report on every available grant in your area of interest offered by government and nongovernment sources.

Editing and Technical Assistance.

We edit proposals and provide whatever technical assistance is requested by clients. For example, if an organization wrote a previous proposal that was not funded, we are happy to assess its strengths and weaknesses, make appropriate edits, and rewrite parts of it.

Methodological consultation.

Many grants require a sound methodological discussion when writing the proposal, executing the work plan, and assessing the overall success of the grant. Our trained methodologists are happy to present a variety of approaches – qualitative and quantitative – that are appropriate for your situation. We are also pleased to write selected portions of the grant proposal for clients.

Grant Training.
If your organization wants to learn more about the grant-writing process, perhaps to become more self sufficient in pursuing grant opportunities, we can provide half-day or full-day training sessions. We teach you how to locate a wide variety of grants, write effective proposals, avoid common pitfalls, and maximize your chances of winning.

After Winning!

Congratulations on winning a grant! Does your organization know what to do now?You need to set up a grant account, communicate regularly with your new best friend (the grants officer at the granting agency), comply with all grant regulations and laws, and complete all interim reports on time. We will walk you through these, and other, transition items.

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